Monday, June 30, 2008

Eyes on the Road

2 months. If it had been a movie, Dennis Hopper would have come looking for me with chainsaws strapped to his junk.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I did make it out of Texas alive… only to be consumed by a month and a half of 12-hour workdays. All attempts to post took place at the end of said workdays and ended with my face pressed against the home row keys, and really, as banal as blogging sometimes gets, even I couldn’t justify posting kafdlkjghjjfhghlkjasdfhghjjfhglkjasdflkgh.

If you do the math, however, you’ll realize that the month and a half I just mentioned doesn’t quite account for the full 2 months I’ve been absent. That other half-month was spent on the road; including, most importantly, an extended weekend in the (allegedly) most haunted city in America, Savannah, GA, where, just moments before embarking on a trolley tour hosted by Wednesday Adams, I proposed to De of the Dead and she accepted. Give it up for reciprocal love and spending the night of your engagement on the top floor of a haunted hotel.

Which, by the way, is the real subject of this post. Years ago, while a member of the horror site so cool it couldn’t last, I was privileged to sponsor the initial online incarnation of good friend Tom Gleason’s travel guide to terror, which over the last couple years has grown and flourished into Dark Destinations, an index of user-generated profiles detailing all manner of horror and paranormal-related locations around the world. Want to walk in Albert Fish’s footsteps? Make on offer on the Poltergeist house? Dark Destinations can help you get there.

When you go to a place as ripe for paranormal research as Savannah, you can’t help but share your findings, which is what I’ve been doing while settling back into my subterranean abode. So far I’ve added two locations to the Dark Destinations database, but the interface is so easy that I can practically crank ‘em out while pouring a bowl of Count Chocula, so expect more in the future. For now, check out my profile of the spooky site where De and I rested our weary bones while in Savannah, The Marshall House Hotel, and a local St. Louis haunt located right across the street from some friends of mine.

After some site maintenance and design touch-ups, we should be back to our regularly scheduled bloodletting. On the review front, watch for my upcoming take on The Eye 3, Grizzly Park, Hybrid, The Possession of Joel Delaney, and the vampire romance Let the Right One In.