Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who's the fairest French horror auteur of all?

So pummeled into indifference was I by the Hills Have Eyes remake that I'd forgotten how much it excites me to see Alexandre Aja's name attached to something.

Not that the theatrical poster for his latest film, Mirrors, (which Shock broke last week) needed anyone's name on it to generate excitement. Stark and rich all at the same time, the only thing that could make this one-sheet more breathtaking would be the absence of names - cut the credits, drop the "From the director of..." heading, and alter the title treatment so just that one backwards 'R' is red to match the nicely highlighted rating, and this thing would be a masterpiece. Even without any clues regarding the film's plot (which, for the record, sounds equally rad -- check the brief details here), it swallows me whole and makes August 15 seem impossibly far away.

UPDATE: The film's red band trailer debuted today, and it takes a decidedly less subtle approach than the poster above. But if there's one filmmaker who's been consistently successful conveying brutal, relentless horror, it's Alexandre Aja Neal Marshall. But if there's a filmmaker who's been moderately successful at that approach, it's Alexandre Aja, so we'll keep the books open on this one until it spills for real on August 15.