Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back in 5 | Or, Sabbatical of the Living Dead

If you've been diligently checking back here over the last couple months, I owe you. How does a handful of leftover Christmas candy sound?

This is not one of those "I'm shutting down" messages, nor is it a litany of excuses about the lack of anything worth talking about; these eyes have just had to focus on other endeavors, some of which remain ongoing, most of which involve creating stuff instead of just commenting on stuff, and all of which require too much concentration to allow me to post here as frequently as I'd like.

But things will keep rolling. Not at some indefinite point in the future; they'll keep rolling right now. They just might not roll as often as that other blog you read. You know, the one with the rodeo clown.

Thanks for hanging. I've done some housecleaning to show my gratitude. Click around and let me know what you think. About anything. Especially anything that involves monkeys.