Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a SAW World After All

If Rick Moranis and Ellen Degeneres can get their own theme park attractions, why not Jigsaw?

Maybe that's not the exact rationale that went into Thorpe Park's decision to build a new roller coaster themed to the Saw movies, but I'm sure it's reasonably close.

Whatever the case, Thorpe is building a new ride inspired by Jigsaw's exploits, and they've posted a teaser site that presents such a detailed account of the design, ongoing construction, and ultimate realization of the ride that you can practically feel the hard rubber headrests (designed to look like that jaw-trap thingy from the first film, of course) banging against your noggin at high velocity makes absolutely no effing sense whatsoever. At least it's faithful to the film series that inspired it.

As pathetically obsessed with theme parks as I am with horror, I have every reason to be excited about this announcement, except for the fact that: 1. By the time I'm able to afford a trip to England I'll be too old blink, let alone go on roller coasters; and 2: The Saw series is completely, utterly stupid.

Then again, I suppose this development is better than something like Hostel: Live On Stage.



  1. Yo Adrian! said...

    Where can I get my ticket for Hostel: Live on Stage. First row, please.

  2. John Dedeke said...

    Sorry, no tickets; it's first-come/first-serve general admission, but you can jump in line now and get a good shot at the front row. The line forms right over there, just past the Twilight Tween Toss and the entrance to the White Noise Ice Cream Parlor/Disco.