Monday, October 6, 2008

Haigslist and The New Face of FEARnet

Despite its somewhat pandering news content and the juvenile hostility that pervades its comment fields, I've long been a tempered supporter of FEARnet's online presence. The selection of free movies available for immediate viewing on has never been very vast or widely compelling, but thus far theirs has been the only site to successfully license a continually evolving roster of horror movies and original programming that people might actually want to watch.

The site's never been much on looks, though, between all of the banner ads, bumpers, and a layout that resembled every horror fan's ideal HTML execution circa 1997 (all that was missing was a dripping blood .gif).

I must not have been the only one who knew FEARnet could do better, for the site has recently sold its soul to the devil (or Hulu) and re-emerged with a cleaner design and lots of new content. The immediate standout among all of the new features is undoubtedly a blog by Sid Haig you can use to stay on top of Sid's latest cinematic projects movies to avoid at Blockbuster and read all about what he had for breakfast at the Holiday Inn buffet during his most recent horror con appearance (assuming he ever makes a second post), but perhaps the most telling sign that FEARnet has landed a new sugar daddy is its new crop of free movies, presented uncut and uninterupted. The bulk are still late-'90s DTV nap fodder, the site's acquisition of respectable fare like Near Dark and The Devil's Rejects more than makes up for the fact that some poor bastard is likely watching a Brian Yuzna movie right now.