Friday, April 18, 2008

Public Display of Affection

Baseball. Gardening. Senioritis. Allergy headaches. The dawn of spring wears many faces.

But if you’re a fan of distinct film-viewing experiences (or just distinct viewing experiences), the arrival of tolerable temps always translate to one thing: drive-in season.

As the ‘70s sweep into town this weekend, it’s hard to resist a night under the stars with some flick – ideally a horror movie, but it really doesn’t matter what it is (my nearby movie lot is packing Cloverfield and The Ruins back-to-back – unspooling several rows of cars up ahead. Preferably without any moans coming from the car next door.

If you’re lucky enough to have one in your area, dump your DVDs this weekend and cruise on out to the local o-zoner. Before the mosquitoes get there.

Snack Bar: -- It ain’t pretty, but neither is a drive-in restroom; you’ve still gotta go there eventually. Find your nearest drive-in here.

Brian’s Drive-In Theater -- Don’t know John Agar from John Saxon? Countdown the hours till sunset by doing some homework.

DVD Drive-In -- If you absolutely can’t make it out to a drive-in, just knock down the wall between your living room and your garage and take in a recommendation from this trusted joint.