Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scream Streams: PARENTS

Lately there’s been an influx of great bad movies popping up for free online viewing, so I’ve decided to start spotlighting one weekly. I figure it’ll ensure at least a semi-regular posting schedule, and help me earn my merit badge in Randy Quaid appreciation.

To that end, if you find yourself with 81 free minutes this week but no copy of Caddyshack II handy, just point your finger clicky thing over to and take in the next best example of Quaidness in the 1988 suburban cannibal satire Parents.

Highlights include:
• A delightful mid-century production design
• Meat that comes to life
• A scene in which an elementary school teacher sneaks into the young hero’s home, hides inside the kitchen pantry when she hears someone else in the house, and then inexplicably grabs hold of a carving knife, slicing open her own hands.
• Randy Quaid writhing on a blood-soaked bed.


  1. mausoleumgirl said...

    This movie also had the best kitchen ever. I so wanted to live in that house minus the freudian nightmares

  2. John said...

    Definitely. I used to fixate on the curtains around the dining room table, too.

    My uncle had a giant freezer in his garage similar to the one the family keeps in the basement, and I was always disappointed to open it up and find soda and beer in place of corpses.