Monday, February 4, 2008

Slash on Demand

Not counting the aftermath of Brittney’s evitable self-destruction, the day following the Super Bowl will probably go down as YouTube’s busiest day this year. Even I had to find out what Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons have in common. But if Clydesdales and Coke ads don’t tempt your clicker finger, just try putting some slash in your search bar.

Over the last few months, YouTuber Taylor has been quietly uploading slasher crap and classics alike to his SlasherTV channel, providing 24/7 access to streaming screams from the glory days of campground massacres and suburban dismemberment. Has your local Blockbuster lost its copy of Bava’s Blade in the Dark? Can’t get past the hideous case art for Happy Birthday to Me enough to actually pick up the DVD?? No worries, they’re all here, complete and uncut (albeit broken into segments), along with some relics that may never find their way to any “official” digital format. Case in point, Taylor’s most recently unearthed treasure, the rare backyard Betacam extravaganza Boardinghouse (which, incidentally has been on Code Red’s DVD release roster for over a year now).

Print and transmission quality varies from flick to flick, but these aren’t the kind of movies you’d want to blow up to full-screen mode anyway; they’re much better as background fare, something to listen to while you browse and flip back to just as John gets a shish kebab skewer through the throat.

With Hollywood being all litigious and stuff, there’s no telling how long the channel will be broadcasting, so get your kicks while you can.