Monday, February 11, 2008

Where's George?

George Romero is appearing everywhere this week the opening of Diary of the Dead -- except, most likely, for a theater near you.

I’d known all along that any theatrical release granted to Diary (which Grandpa George intended to send directly to video, initially) would be limited, but to the Weinstein company, “limited release” is apparently code for, “We are afraid of the Midwest.”

The official Diary of the Dead MySpace page (a phrase that's probably a more telling social portrait than the film itself) posted some additional theater listings last Friday, including some in Chicago and Kansas City, but while the film is playing on multiple screens in several cities, there are practically entire time zones of the country that would need a few tanks of gas and a couple days off work to make it to a screening.

Here’s the latest list, and below are some digital Diary nuggets posted around the web (including some originating from archaic regions beyond the coasts!):

Romero’s chat with EW
George’s impassioned plea to kids who’ve never heard of him
One large popcorn, a box of Skittles, and a massive wound to the head
DOTD on the Rot-o-Meter


  1. The Ball & Chain said...

    Why do you think I pay $1250 a month for a shitty little one bedroom apartment? Even the most obscure movies always play here, and usually way before anywhere else in the world. I'm one of the lucky few who could see The Hottie and The Nottie in a theater. You can't put a price tag on that.

    There's only one theater in L.A. that's playing Diary of the Dead but it's just 20 minutes away and since there are apparently children in the midwest starving for a zombie movie, I'm going to clean my cinematic plate with a late night viewing.

    And by the way, who isn't afraid of the Midwest? Ed Gein? John Wayne Gacy? Oral Roberts?

  2. John said...

    Curse your damned cosmopolitanity.