Friday, January 25, 2008

The Shocking Return

It’s been a little while, but I’m back from the grave and ready to party.

While this space has been silent the last few months, I’ve been click-clacking away elsewhere. Late last summer (coincidentally around the time the posts stopped flowing here) longtime colleague Ryan “Rotten” Turek put out the call for contributing reviewers for his horror branch of the ComingSoon.Net franchise, Shock Till You Drop. It had been many full moons since I’d done regular reviewing duty – going back years to around ‘04 or ’05 – but the chance to really dive back into the genre after a bit of a hiatus and get to work with Ryan was too good to pass up (and that’s not just e-brown nosing; Ryan’s easily one of the best journalists in the genre. I was a fan when he co-helmed the original Creature Corner and Dread Central, a follower during his stint with Fangoria, and am honored to now have him as a friend and editor).

You can see the fruits of this collaboration over on the right, an ongoing archive of my Shock reviews, along with some other new features I’ll be adding and tweaking over time to hopefully make this joint feel a little more integrated with the genre at large and a little less like somebody’s very narrowly focused bathroom wall scribblings.

I’ve also decided it might finally be time to start pimpin’ this place. When I got into this I was just really itchin’ to start talking horror again, even if nobody was listening, but whether the result of the Shock gig or something else, I’m craving a little more feedback these days, so help me out by either throwing out your thoughts or passin’ me along to your friends and loved ones.

You can start by telling me if you’d be interested in hearing a podcast of horror-themed music. There are several shows out there that occasionally play horror music, but it’s usually an accent to a film discussion or something; I’d be rocking it straight out, with the horror film/book/TV/etc. stuff being the accent. In order to create such audio awesomeness I would be sacrificing the three and a half minutes of sleep I currently get, so I haven’t taken it beyond the idea stage yet, but I think it would be fun.

And finally tonight, there are new links to explore, all of them certified cool (or as cool as the official endorsement of a horror nerd can be). Cast your eyes their way, but get yer carcass back here soon.